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Silicon Graphics International Corp.

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Oct 31, 2016 at 4:00 PM ET
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SGI® is a global leader in technical computing. We are focused on helping customers solve their most demanding business and technology challenges by delivering large-scale computing and storage, high-performance compute and storage, and data center solutions. We develop, market, and sell a broad line of low cost, mid-range and high-end computing servers and data storage as well as differentiating software. We sell data center infrastructure products purpose-built for large-scale data center deployments. In addition, we provide global customer support and professional services related to our products. We enable enterprises to meet their computing and storage requirements at a lower total cost of ownership and provide them greater flexibility and scalability. We are also a leading developer of enterprise class, high-performance features for the Linux operating system that provide our customers with a standard Linux operating environment combined with our differentiated yet un-intrusive Linux capabilities that are designed to improve performance, simplify system management, and provide a more robust development environment.

Our products and services are used by the scientific, technical, and business communities to solve challenging data-intensive computing, data storage and management problems. These problems typically require large amounts of computing power, along with fast and efficient data movement both within the computing system and to and from large-scale data storage installations. Enterprises have also begun to deploy large-scale computing and storage installations by aggregating large numbers of relatively inexpensive, open-standard modular computing and storage systems. Our end-users employ our systems to access, analyze, transform, manage, visualize and store very large amounts of data in real time or near real time by running low-cost operating systems such as Linux ® and Microsoft ® Windows ® and, we believe, enable enterprises to meet their computing and storage requirements at a lower total cost of ownership and provide enterprises with greater flexibility and scalability. The vertical industry markets we serve include defense and strategic systems, weather and climate, physical sciences, life sciences, energy (including oil and gas), aerospace and automotive, media and entertainment, semiconductor design, manufacturing, financial services, data centers, business intelligence and data analytics.

Applications for our systems within these vertical markets include simulating global climate changes, accelerating engineering of new automotive designs, supporting homeland security initiatives, providing real-time fraud detection, streaming media from internet-video to film and gaining business intelligence through data-mining. Our global services organization facilitates rapid installation and implementation of our products, assists in optimizing the use of our products, maintains their availability to serve our customers and educates customers to increase productivity.

From developing custom semiconductors to data center solutions, we differentiate by scaling for compute and data intensive workloads of our customers’ most demanding applications. We have over 1,500 employees worldwide. We sell and market our systems, technologies, software, and services to enterprises in over 25 countries through our direct and indirect sales force including original equipment manufacturers, system integrators and value added resellers. In the fiscal years ended June 29, 2012 , June 24, 2011 and June 25, 2010 , international revenue was approximately 41%, 38% and 25%, respectively, of our total revenue.